Taxi Cab Service Areas - Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach

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Authorized Taxi Companies - Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach

All Yellow Taxi Inc.
Phone Number(s): (800) 900-0033

Bell Cab
Phone Number(s): (888) 551-6228; (310) 219-3100

South Bay Yellow Cab
Phone Number(s): (800) 924-8294

United Independent Taxi Drivers (South Bay United taxi)
Phone Number(s): (800) 411-0303; (310) 414-0411

Official Taxi Service Websites

Redondo Beach Taxi Service and Hermosa Beach Taxi Service - The official taxi service websites, which were the sources of information on this page. You can get the latest list of authorized taxi cabs at this website. For the most recent information on cab company telephone numbers, see their website links above.



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