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Terms of Service

This Terms of Service policy is in effect for the website located at https://latourist.com/ ("LAtourist" or "this website"). The Privacy Statement can be found at LAtourist.com/Privacy.

Data Quality - Information is Provided "As-is"

The content of LAtourist is intended to be suitable for a family audience. If you see anything you feel is inappropriate, please send a message and it will be investigated. All information displayed on LAtourist is for entertainment purposes only and is delivered on an "as-is" basis. LAtourist is not responsible for any monetary loss or inconvenience encountered due to incorrect information that is displayed on this website. It is your responsibility to verify the availability of tours, attractions, venues or other locations mentioned in this website. Keep in mind that a number of things could happen to limit the availability of an attraction or site: Availability might be seasonal; Locations can be temporarily closed due to repairs, maintenance or other construction; Companies can go out of business; Weather could cause delays or other inconvenience; etc.

While LAtourist has taken every effort to provide reliable information, it is not considered to be authoritative. LAtourist is not associated with any government agency. This website is not sponsored by the City of Los Angeles. The official guide for Los Angeles is produced by the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board at discoverLosAngeles.com

Outside Links

This website contains hundreds of links to websites that are not controlled or maintained by LAtourist. Although LAtourist tries to offer only high-quality links, the content displayed at linked pages could change. LAtourist is not responsible for information found outside of this website. You are encouraged to report links that are non-functional or a linked site that you feel contains material that is not appropriate for a general website viewing audience.

Third Party Vendors

This website contains links to products and services that can be purchased online. The products and services are offered by third-party vendors that are not associated with LAtourist. All warranties must be pursued directly with the product or service vendor. LAtourist is not in control of any of the products or service, and therefore LAtourist.com is not responsible for any loss, injury, insult, inconvenience or other claim resulting from the use of a product or service that was referred by this website. All claims of liability must be resolved directly with the product or service vendor, and must not involve LAtourist.com.

Copyright Notices for Written Content and Images

Written Content found on this website may not be reproduced without permission. Photos displayed at this website may not be used without permission from the respective owner, whether that is LAtourist.com or another entity.

For more information regarding Copyright Notices, image ownership information, or permission to use images that are owned by LAtourist.com, please see the LAtourist Copyright Notice page.
(URL: https://LAtourist.com/Copyright)


Updated on March 27, 2021.


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