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This Copyright Notice is in effect for the website located at (also called "this website" or "LAtourist").

Ownership of Content
Unless otherwise indicated, all content (written, image or otherwise) presented on this website is owned by, LLC.

Content Usage and Reproduction

  • Written Content that appear on this website may not be reproduced without permission.
  • Advertisements that appear on this website may not be reproduced without permission.
  • See the Image Usage section below for information about reproducing images displayed on this website.

Sources of Written Content
The written content on this website was produced using various methods:

  • Many articles and descriptions were manually produced by thinking and typing.
  • Many articles were written by outstanding freelance writers (see the About page for their names).
  • Some text was found on website Media pages, intended to be used as "official" descriptions for links to their website.
  • Some text descriptions were procured directly from the attraction's website in a "Fair Use" application of written content from another website. In situations like this, the written content is only used to provide descriptive text for a direct link to the website that originated the text.

Service Marks
The following phrases and words are service marks of, LLC:

  • LAtourist
  • it's about LA
  • Tourist Boot Camp (USPTO S/N 85530939)

Image Ownership
Most of the photos that appear on this website were taken by photographers for, LLC. Other photos were purchased, downloaded from Media/Press pages, or are used by permission from the author of the photo. Some photos came from (a free image website), and a few were downloaded from Wikimedia Commons media repository.

    To find the Photo Credit information for images that appear on this website, view the "Alt Text" or "Associated Text" of the image:

  • Internet Explorer: Hover your mouse over the image and the information will appear like a Tool Tip.
  • Firefox: Right-click the image and select the "View Image Info" option. The information appears within the Associated Text.
  • Google Chrome: Right-click the image and select the "Inspect element" option. The information appears within the "alt=" tag of the HTML code.
  • Images that appear in the Website Header: The images at the top of the page do not have associated Photo Credit information. Almost all of those pictures are owned by, LLC. You can contact for clarification on the ownership of an image that appears in the website header.
  • Images that appear in Advertisements:
    • Google AdChoices: Advertisements that are served by Google's AdChoices, are out of the direct control of this website. Those ads might contain images that are subject to copyright, however there is no way for LAtourist to verify a copyright claim, or even to verify that an advertisement appeared on this website. For more information on how to send a copyright notice in regards to an advertisement that was served by Google, see Google's Trademark Policy
    • All Other Advertisements: Please contact for more information about image ownership. Please provide a description of the advertisement and the page where it appears.
  • Images that do not contain Photo Credit information: Please contact for clarification on the ownership of an image that appears on this website but does not contain Photo Credit information.
If you believe your image appears on this website without proper authorization, please write to with a brief description of the photo and the page where it resides.

Image Usage
Photos displayed at this website may not be used without permission from the respective owner, whether that is, LLC or another entity. (See below for permission to use photos owned by

  • Images with a Photo Credit to You have permission to use any image with a Photo Credit to, as long as you provide a photo credit to either "" or ", LLC"
  • Images that do NOT contain a Photo Credit to You must contact the image owner for permission to use images that do not contain a Photo Credit to Contact if you need assistance finding an image owner.
  • See the Image Ownership section above for details on Photo Credit information.

Where to Send a Notice of Copyright Infringement:
If you believe that content (written, image or otherwise) exists on this website in violation of your copyright, please send an email message to for further investigation. Please include an adequate description, including the page(s) on this website where the content appears, and where you think the content originated. You will receive a timely reply if you send a message by email, but you can also send a written copyright notice to:, LLC, 5482 Wilshire Blvd #1587, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Updated on January 1, 2012.

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