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This Privacy Policy is in effect for the websites located at: ("this website" or "LAtourist");;; and content served from;

1. Cookies and Usage Tracking

a. Advertisements: Ads that are displayed on LAtourist may use cookies or web beacons that are under the control of the advertiser.

b. Website Traffic Statistics: Every page displayed on LAtourist employs the use of software that tracks website statistics. The information is gathered on an aggregate basis only, so these services can not identify you personally, nor can they access personal information on your computer. Since the website statistics code is embedded into each page of this website, there is no way to prevent the code from running when you view pages on this website. However, each service offers options to opt out of their cookie usage.

The website statistics services are:

c. Browsing in "Incognito" Mode: Using a browsers private (AKA "Incognito") mode does not opt you out of website statistics. It's only intended to keep your browsing session out of your own browser history.

2. Choice/Consent

Information is submitted to LAtourist on a voluntary basis. If you write or send a message, you are under no obligation to send information that you wish to keep confidential.

Privacy Tip for Tourists: When writing to strangers on the internet (including websites like LAtourist), do NOT disclose specific information about your vacation until it is necessary. This includes the name of the hotel where you will stay, and other information like exactly when you will be on vacation. Of course, there will be situations when you need to reveal the information, for example when reserving a specific date on a tour that includes hotel pickup. But do not disclose the information unnecessarily.

3. Data Security

No confidential data is collected or stored on this web server. Reasonable security safeguards have been put in place to preserve the integrity of the server.

4. Version

Updated on June 1, 2021.

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