Taxi Cab Service Areas - Beverly Hills

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Authorized Taxi Companies - Beverly Hills

Independent Taxi
Phone Number(s): (323) 666-0050; (800) 521-8294

Rosie Taxi Cab
Phone Number(s): (805) 258-8937

United Independent Taxi (United Taxi)
Phone Number(s): (800) 308-0700; (310) 278-2500

Flat Rates and other Fare Information

$38.00 flat fare for trips from City of Beverly Hills to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
There is not a flat rate from LAX airport to Beverly Hills. The estimated fare in that direction is around $50.

Official Taxi Service Website - City of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Public Works Taxi Service - The official taxi service website for the City of Beverly Hills, which was the source of information on this page. You can get the latest list of taxi stand locations, and authorized taxi cab companies at this website. For the most recent information on cab company telephone numbers, see their respective websites.



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