Taxi Cab Service Areas - Los Angeles

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Taxi Service Areas

There are five major areas within the Los Angeles service zone. Taxi drivers can drop off passengers anywhere, but they can only pick up in their authorized areas:

  • A = San Fernando Valley
  • B = Westside, except Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Culver City
  • C = East of La Cienega Blvd and north of the I-10 freeway, including Miracle Mile, Hollywood, Griffith Park, Downtown L.A. and East L.A.
  • D = South of Downtown and near Harbor Freeway (110)
  • E = South Bay including Wilmington and San Pedro, but not Redondo Beach or Hermosa Beach
  • LAX = Los Angeles International Airport

Authorized Taxi Companies

United Independent Taxi
Phone Number(s): (800) 822-8294; (323) 653-5050
Areas: B, C, D and LAX

United Taxi of San Fernando Valley
Phone Number(s): (800) 290-5600; (818) 222-0000
Areas: A and LAX

Yellow Cab Company
Phone Number(s): (213) 808-1000; (310) 808-1000; (800) 200-1085; (877) 733-3305
Areas: B, C, D and LAX

Bell Cab
Phone Number(s): (888) 551-6228; (310) 219-3100
Areas: B, C, D and LAX

L.A. Checker Cab
Phone Number(s): (800) 300-5007; (888) 300-5007; (323) 654-8400
Areas: B, C, D and LAX

City Cab
Phone Number(s): (818) 252-1600; (888) 248-9222; (800) 750-4400
Areas: A, C and LAX

Independent Taxi
Phone Number(s): (323) 666-0050; (800) 521-8294
Areas: B, C, D and LAX

United Checker Cab
Phone Number(s): (310) 834-1121; (877) 201-8294
Areas: E and LAX

Flat Rates and other Fare Information

$46.50 flat fare for trips between LAX and downtown.
$4.00 surcharge for all trips originating at LAX.
$15.00 minimum fare for trips originating at LAX (In addition to the $4.00 surcharge).

Official Taxi Service Website - City of Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles Taxi Services - The official taxi service website for the City of Los Angeles, which was the source of information on this page. You can get the latest service area definitions at this website. For the most recent information on cab company telephone numbers, see their website links above.



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