Attending the Tournament of Roses Parade

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Grandstand seating at the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. [Photo Credit:] Grandstand seating at the Rose Parade

Every year for the last several, approximately one million people from all over the world attend the Tournament of Roses Parade. Most of those people line up on Colorado Blvd. starting at noon the day before the event to secure their place on the sidewalk. (See the sidewalk camping tips on the next page.)

For those who don't want to camp out in Pasadena overnight, reserve seat tickets are available on a limited basis for the Grandstand Seating, which provides a great view of the parade. Tickets go on sale on February 1st for the following year's festivities. Tickets start at about $40 and top out at about $85. Approximately 70,000 elevated grandstand seats are available.