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About the LAtourist Itinerary

It will be difficult to re-order the day-to-day events in the Itinerary. You can not easily change the order of the attractions and tours, because the Itinerary is designed to take advantage of attractions that are near each other, and the schedule relies heavily on each vendor's unique hours of operation. This would have been much easier if all of the attractions were open all day long, Monday through Friday. But each has a unique schedule, and many are closed at least one day during the week.

If this Itinerary was helpful to you, then please consider returning the favor in a way that's relatively simple. Here are some suggestions:

  • Purchase a tour or hotel reservation using one of the links in the Itinerary
  • Make your hotel reservations though
  • Purchase a guided tour through
  • Purchase a Go Los Angeles Card though
  • If you know someone who wants to visit Los Angeles, please tell them about
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Send an email to with suggestions on how to improve this Itinerary, such as:

  • Is there anything you would add to the Itinerary, or any changes you would make?
  • Were any of the instructions confusing or difficult to follow?
  • Were there too many activities, not enough, or just right?
  • Did you miss not having a car? Was the transportation adequate?
  • Was anything you really wanted to see not included?
  • Would you be willing to take a bus two hours each way to visit Disneyland?




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