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StarLine Tours Hop-on Hop-off Double Decker Bus

You can use Starline Tour's Hop-on Hop-off Double Decker bus to conduct a self-guided tour that will take you to many of the attractions you would see on a tour of Hollywood, but you'll have more flexibity to stay longer at the attractions you like. The bus has an open top second level, and the sound system plays a narrated tour. Use these suggested itineraries as a starting point, then tailor your trip to your taste. The Hop-on Hop-off Double Decker Tour Bus offers you these advantages:

TOUR 1 - Attractions on the Red Route

10 Hour Self-Guided Tour


  • A variety of attractions including Millions of Milkshakes, Shopping, Museums and Pink's Hot Dogs
  • One hour at Rodeo Drive (guided tours give you 20 minutes)
  • Two hours at Beverly Center! (many tours don't even stop at this important attraction)
  • Two hours at Farmers Market and The Grove! (guided tours give you 45 minutes)


11:00 AM:  Depart Hollywood Blvd - Start Time is 11AM because Millions of Milkshakes opens at noon. If you start earlier than 11AM then you will miss Millions of Milkshakes. If you begin before 10AM then you will miss Hollywood RockWalk.
11:05 AM:  Hollywood's RockWalk at the Guitar Center (Opens 10AM) - An outdoor monument to some of rock music's most influential figures. Their handprints and memorabilia are on display in the large entryway of the Guitar Center store. This is not as large as the courtyard at the Chinese Theatre, but it's very impressive in a similar way, especially if you are interested in music figures like AC/DC, Aerosmith, B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Frank Zappa, Johnny Cash, KISS, The Ramones and almost 200 more. You have around 20 minutes to look around and get back to catch the next bus. Don't miss it! Unless you are a guitar aficionado and want to look around inside The Guitar Center, this attraction is not worth an extra half hour if you miss the bus. But if you want to look around inside the store, you could spend less time at a stop up the road,
11:35 AM:  Depart RockWalk
11:45 AM:  Sunset Strip - No need to get out here since most clubs are not open until later in the evening. But as you pass through the Sunset Strip, keep an eye out for clubs you've heard about like The Comedy Store, House of Blues, Whisky a Go Go, Cat Club, Key Club, Rainbow Bar and Grille, the Roxy Theatre, and Viper Room.
11:50 AM:  Millions of Milkshakes (Opens 12PM) - A celebrity hotspot where you can design your own milkshake, or choose one designed by a celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler, La Toya Jackson, Kourtney Kardashian and many more. If you've seen this shop featured on Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight or TMZ then this stop might be of interest to you. If you have teenagers then it's required! Allow an hour for this stop if you are going to get a shake. Or take off a half hour earlier and spend more time at Beverly Center.
12:50 PM:  Depart Millions of Milkshakes
1:10 PM:  Beverly Hills / Camden Drive (near Rodeo Drive) - this is walking distance from Two Rodeo on Rodeo Drive. You probably won't buy very much here, but it's fun to window shop. Definitely get at least two photos of yourself here: One at the north end of Two Rodeo underneath the street signs for Rodeo Drive and Via Rodeo; and a second photo on the steps near Tiffany's at the north end of Two Rodeo, with the stores behind you. A half hour here might be long enough for you but if you really like looking in the shops then hang out for an hour.
2:10 PM:  Depart Rodeo Drive
2:25 PM:  Beverly Center - Lunch and shopping - If you enjoy shopping then the Beverly Center is your Ground Zero! This behemoth of a mall vary between being either ultra high-end and your average mall staples. Thus, the Beverly Center has something to suit shoppers of every style and budget.
4:25 PM:  Depart Beverly Center
4:40 PM:  Museum Row on Miracle Mile - There are four museums here but we will focus only on the two in Hancock Park: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and La Brea Tar Pits Museum . You will be dropped off in front of LACMA, which is open until 8PM. The admission fee is voluntary after 5PM so head over to the tar pits first. Later you can return to browse the art collections if you'd like. Before arriving at LACMA you'll see the mammoths in the Lake Pit exhibition, so you know where they are. Head that direction (east) until you find an open gate. It's too late to visit La Brea Tar Pits Museum (it closes at 5PM), but there are plenty of outdoor exhibits to look at. In the Lake Pit excavation exhibit you'll see the world-famous representation of two Columbian mammoths watching helplessly while a third is trapped in the tar on the lake bed. Hancock Park has many open tar pits - some are huge and are fenced off, while others are small and marked by no more than an orange cone. Read the sign describing the Lake Pit and if this interests you, then walk over the top of La Brea Tar Pits Museum to the back side where you will find more tar pits and excavation exhibits. Some of them are over 20 feet deep! They're full of tar so you can't see the bottom, but if you look closely you can see oil and tar oozing to the surface. Head back to LACMA. You can spend some time at LACMA but you really do need to limit your time at the Museum Row stop to one hour. LACMA is a world-class museum which holds a vast collection of art. You could spend all day here, but there are many other attractions to see so watch the time. Across the street from Lake Pit, look for an orange square to easily locate the Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM). You can also see the outside of Petersen's Auto Museum across the street from LACMA. These two museums are interesting although there's not much to see from the outside, except some exhibits that are visible in CAFAM's front window. There's no need to cross the street unless you want a closer look.
5:40 PM:  Depart Museum Row on Miracle Mile
5:50 PM:  Farmers Market and The Grove
7:50 PM:  Depart Farmers Market and The Grove
8:00 PM:  Pink's Hot Dogs & Melrose Avenue Shops - The shops are all closed by now but you have a little time to walk around and check out the crowd at Pink's. It typically takes a half hour or longer to get to buy food at Pink's, so it's probably not worth it to stand in line unless it's unusually short. But most of the fun of Melrose is to go people-watching. So look around a little but keep your eye on the time! Make sure you don't miss the bus back to Hollywood.
8:30 PM:  Depart Depart Pink's Hot Dogs - be careful, this is the last tour bus so don't miss it! If you miss the bus it will take about 30-45 minutes to walk from here to Hollywood Blvd. Just head north on La Brea.
8:35 PM:  Paramount Studios (it's closed now)
8:40 PM:  Hollywood Forever Cemetary (it's closed now)
8:50 PM:  Hollywood and Vine - (Optional end of tour) - If you want to explore this area, get off the bus here and walk the rest of the way back to Hollywood and Highland. Interesting sites here are: Capitol Records building, more Walk of Fame stars (including John Lennon)
9:00 PM:  Hollywood and Highland - End of tour