Oceanside Restaurants in Malibu

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Malibu features miles of scenic coastline, offering the perfect location for a memorable dining experience. For this reason, many 5-star restaurants are located along the shoreline of Malibu, either on or next to the water. This list is in order from east to west, with restaurants closest to Santa Monica listed first.

Oceanside Restaurants Between Santa Monica and Malibu

Gladstones - Restaurant and bar, tables with ocean view [17300 Pacific Coast Highway (PCH at Sunset Blvd), Pacific Palisades].

Mastro's Ocean Club - Open evenings, an upscale restaurant with oceanfront view. [18412 Pacific Coast Highway (near Topanga Canyon Blvd)].

MoonShadows - Brunch, Lunch and Dinner [20356 Pacific Coast Highway].

Duke's Malibu - Restaurant and bar, tables with ocean view, kids' menu, gluten-free menu. [21150 Pacific Coast Highway].

Carbon Beach Club Restaurant (The Dining Room) - at Malibu Beach Inn [22878 Pacific Coast Highway].

Near the Beach in Western Malibu

These restaurants are not actually on the water, but are very close, with an immediate view of the ocean. They are all west of Kanaan Dume Road (further from Santa Monica).

The Sunset Restaurant and Beach Bar - Brunch, Lunch and Dinner. [6800 Westward Beach Road (off of PCH and just west of Kanaan Dume Road)]

Geoffreys Malibu - Lunch and Dinner with views of the ocean and mountains [27400 Pacific Coast Highway].

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Lunch and Dinner. This casual diner is not actually on the ocean, but it is very close. It's next to a beach with plenty of sand for beach activities, so you can spend the day at the beach, and grab lunch and dinner and the cafe. [28128 Pacific Coast Highway].

Neptune's Net - Lunch and Dinner. This casual restaurant/bar is near the western edge of Malibu, so the location is more remote than others. [42505 Pacific Coast Highway].


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