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Free Visitors Guide from Santa Monica

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Info Center at Palisades Park in Santa Monica. [Photo Credit:] Info Center at Palisades Park

City: Santa Monica

Attractions:  Beach activities, Third Street Promenade, Shopping, Pier activities, Amusement park

Publication(s) available:  Santa Monica Official Visitors Guide and downloadable maps

How To Order: 

  1. Go to the Santa Monica Visitors website
    (click the link above to open a new window)
  2. Click the link in the middle that says, "Request Info"
  3. On that page, click a link that says, "Request your FREE copy of the Official Santa Monica Visitors Guide and Map."
  4. You can also view an electronic version online or download a PDF version.
  5. If space is provided, please let them know that you found their website at!

Santa Monica Visitor Information Center
1920 Main Street, Suite B
Santa Monica, CA 90405


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