Free Visitors Guides - Mountains & Desert areas near Los Angeles

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Following is a list of Visitors Bureaus that will send you free publications via US Mail. To help you save time, step-by-step instructions on how to request Visitor Guides from each website is provided. ( is a private organization and does not send tourist information by mail).


  • US Postal Delivery can take anywhere from one to eight weeks.
  • Download: Some Visitor Guides are available for download in PDF format, or for viewing online.

Free Tourist Visitors Guides - Mountains & Desert near Los Angeles

Time Estimates - (i.e., "one hour from LA") - The approximate number of hours it might take to drive from downtown Los Angeles.

City: Big Bear Lake (mountains - two hours from LA)
Attractions: Snow Skiing (winter), Hiking (spring-fall), Mountain Activities
Publication(s) available: Big Bear Visitors Guide
Click here for a free Visitors Guide from Big Bear Lake

City: Palm Springs (desert - two hours from LA)
Attractions: Casinos, Golf, Tennis, Spas, Desert Attractions, Shopping
Publication(s) available: Palm Springs Desert Resorts Visitors Guide
Click here for a free Visitors Guide from Palm Springs

City: Ridgecrest (desert - three hours from LA)
Attractions: Access to Death Valley, Maturango Museum, China Lake Naval Center.
Publication(s) available: Visitor's Packet
Click here for a free Visitors Guide from Ridgecrest

City: Riverside (near mountains - one hour from LA)
Attractions: Wineries, balloon festivals, events, entertainment, San Gorgonio Mountain.
Publication(s) available: Riverside Visitors Guide (electronic version only)
Click here for a free Visitors Guide from Riverside

City: San Bernardino (near mountains - one hour from LA)
Attractions: Shopping, Mountain Resorts, Golfing
Publication(s) available: Visitors Guide
Click here for a free Visitors Guide from San Bernardino


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