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Free Visitors Guide from Carmel

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City: Carmel by the Sea

Attractions:  Scenery, Vacation and Cultural opportunities. Carmel is a picturesque village occupying the shores of Carmel Bay, among the pine trees overlooking a beautiful white-sand beach.

Publication(s) available:  Guide to Carmel - over 150 pages! Contains maps, itineraries, Carmel vacation ideas, shopping, business services, wedding planners and pictures of Carmel.

How To Order: 

  1. Go to the Carmel Chamber of Commerce website
    (click the link above to open a new window)
  2. Look for a picture of the Visitor Guide, just below the menu on the left side of the page.
  3. Click "view digital version" to view the guide in your browser. You can also download the guide as a PDF from the online reader.
  4. to request a printed publication, click "Order now" on the home page near the picture of the Visitor Guide.
  5. Use the shopping cart to add a free Guide to Carmel. Click the "Checkout" button to continue.
  6. There is a small shipping fee for orders outside of the U.S. If needed, change the Shipping Type selection to reflect the correct shipping cost. Fill out the form and then click the Accept button
  7. There are many more maps, brochures, guides and souvenirs available for purchase in the online store. To view the items, click the "Store" button in one of the upper menus on the right side of the page.
  8. If space is provided, please let them know that you found their website at!

Carmel Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 4444
Carmel, CA 93921


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