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StarLine Tours is the premiere guided tour company for Los Angeles and Hollywood. [Photo Credit: LAtourist.com] StarLine Tours, Hollywood

StarLine Tours

StarLine Tours (book online) is the most popular guided tour company for Los Angeles and Hollywood. They've been doing it for more than 75 years! They have all of the traditional tours plus some that you can only find at StarLine.

The first advantage of StarLine Tours is that most of their tours originate from a major tourist attraction - Hollywood and highland. While waiting for your tour, you can explore browse stores, get something to eat, wander through the courtyard of the Chinese Theatre, and check out nearby stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The fun starts before the tour even begins! When you're finished looking at cement imprints, you are only steps away from Hollywood and Highland shopping district. Before or after the tour, you can browse shops or get something to eat. From there you have access to the heart of the Hollywood tourist district, including Madame Tussauds, the Walk of Fame (stars on the sidewalk), the novelty museums and more!

USA: 888-878-6079 or International: +1-619-546-8286

Some Featured StarLine Tours

(Most tours originate from Hollywood and Highland, and many include hotel transportation.)

StarLine Grand Tour of Los Angeles, click the image to buy tickets. [Photo Credit: LAtourist.com] StarLine Grand Tour of Los Angeles

The Grand Tour of Los Angeles - If you're looking for a traditional guided tour of many of the places that define L.A., then you'll want to take StarLine Tour's Grand Tour of Los Angeles. There are plenty of interesting attractions on this tour! You will visit Hollywood Boulevard, the Sunset Strip, Beverly Center, downtown Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive, Farmers Market, the Grove and others. This tour lets you "sample" some of the attractions on 15-20 minute stopovers. You'll see for yourself which attractions look interesting enough to return. When you get home people will ask, "did you see the so-and-so?" and whatever it is, you'll be able to say you saw it!

TOUR TIP: You will get 45 minutes for lunch at Farmers Market. Browse the selection of restaurants on Farmers Market website before you go. Farmers Market is a big open market with quite a few food stands, and you could spend much of your 45 minutes just deciding where to eat! Take a look at the list of eating choices in advance so when you get there you can go straight to the place where you want to get lunch. Likewise, if you can wait until after the tour to eat and just grab a snack, then that will give you more time to walk around and browse at The Grove.

Tour: The Grand Tour of Los Angeles
Departs: 9:30 AM daily (hotel pickup schedule varies)
Duration: 5.5 hours
Location: Starts at StarLine Terminal. Hotel pickup is provided for most local hotels.

Tour Combo: The Grand Tour of Los Angeles (above) -and- Movie Stars Homes Tour (below) - Seven and a half hours of sightseeing in L.A., Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip PLUS over 40 current and former homes of movie stars!

StarLine Movie Stars Homes Tour near David Beckham's House. Click the picture to buy tour tickets online. [Photo Credit: LAtourist.com] StarLine Movie Stars Homes Tour near David Beckham's House.

Movie Stars Homes Tour - You won't believe how much fun you will have on this tour! You might not actually see Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie, but imagine the thrill of seeing their neighborhoods, the streets that they drive on and the house that they call home. This tour is about a million times better than buying a worthless "map of the movie star homes" and driving around in a rented car looking for those locations. Those maps aren't even accurate! On the StarLine Movie Stars Homes Tour you'll be driven by a professional who already knows where to go. They'll give you the scoop on the REAL homes of the stars. Some homes you might see: Michael Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Lucille Ball, Orlando Bloom, Courtney Cox, Elvis Presley, Christina Aguilera, Doctor Phil, Aaron Spelling mansion.

Tour: Movie Stars Homes Tour
Departs: Daily every half hour, 9:30 AM until sundown
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Starts at StarLine Terminal. Hotel pickup is provided for most local hotels.

Book online or call 888-878-6079

StarLine Tours Hop-on / Hop-off Tour Double-Decker Bus. [Photo Credit: LAtourist.com] Fun Tour passing La Brea Tar Pits and CAFAM (rear)

Hop-on, Hop-off Double Decker Bus
(24 hour pass or 48 hour pass)
Beyond the traditional guided tours of Los Angeles and Hollywood, StarLine also has a network of Hop-on/Hop-off double-decker tour buses. The bus route is quite extensive, and reaches from downtown Los Angeles all the way to Santa Monica. The network covers most of the tourist destinations in the area, and includes a recorded narrative. You can get off the bus at pre-determined stops to explore the attractions, and then get back on to continue the ride. The circuit includes Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Miracle Mile, 3rd and Fairfax, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, downtown L.A., and may other tourist destinations.

Tourist sites on the Hop-on, Hop-off Double Decker Bus include:

  • Hollywood Route: Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood's RockWalk, Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Center, Museum Row on Miracle Mile (LACMA, Auto Museum, La Brea Tar Pits), The Grove and Farmers Market, Pink's Hot Dogs on Melrose Avenue, and other stops.
  • Santa Monica Route: Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade, Westwood Memorial (Marilyn Monroe), many more!

You can easily spend an entire day on the Hop-on, Hop-off Double Decker Bus. It will take 3 to 4 hours (depending on traffic) to ride the entire circuit even if you don't get off at any of the stops.

Book online or call 888-878-6079

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