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Private Tour Guides

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Private tour guide providers in the Los Angeles area.

Another Side of Los Angeles Citywide
Phone: 310-289-8687
CPUC: PSG 0027520

Elite Adventure Tours Citywide
Phone: 818-216-0067
CPUC: PSG 0017526

Glitterati Tours Citywide
Phone: 310-720-3809
CPUC: PSG 0026715

Hollywood Limo Tour Citywide, including LAX Layover or pickup
Phone: 323-465-4725
CPUC: TCP 12080 P

LA Insider Tours - Citywide
Phone: 800-549-6625
CPUC: TCP 28371 A

LA Platinum Tour - Citywide
Phone: 310-591-6892
CPUC: TCP 29670 A

StarLine Tours Private Limo Tour of Celebrity Homes - Hollywood & Highland Center + Hotel Pickup
Phone: 323-463-3333
CPUC: PSG 0000227

Take My Mother Please - Citywide
Phone: 323.737.2200
CPUC: PSG 0012623

As applicable, the above companies were all licensed with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) when added to this list. To verify that they are still a valid tour operator, you can use the CPUC Online Lookup to make sure the permit is active or pending (also verify that their name is correctly listed). Enter only the numeric part of the CPUC registration, without designation or trailing letters. For example, to look up "TCP# 12345-A" you would enter "12345"

Private Shopping Tours

Lalaluxe - Citywide
Phone: See Website

Lauren Franks - Citywide
Phone: 310-591-6892



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