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LAtourist Privacy Policy for Facebook Pages

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This Privacy Policy is in effect for Facebook Pages that are designed by, LLC:

1. Personal and Private Data Collection

Facebook Pages that are designed by, LLC do not intentionally or knowingly collect personal or private data, unless you supply it (for example, during a Help Desk request).

2. Usage Tracking

Facebook Pages that are designed by, LLC might include statistical analysis programs (including "cookies" or "web beacons") that collect unidentifiable statistical data that is not associated with your personal information, your computer or your mobile device.

3. Third Parties

Facebook Pages that are designed by, LLC might use third parties to build applications, serve advertisements or collect statistical data.

4. Disclosure of Personal and Private Information

Disclosure of any information is voluntary, and is limited to the basic requirements of the service performed. For example, if you want an email reply, you will need to supply an email address.

5. Your Posts are Public

Anything you write, post or publish on LAtourist Facebook pages can be viewed by anyone on the Internet, even if they do not have a Facebook account.


Updated on June 11, 2012.

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