2021 Holiday Events List Terms of Service

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  • The Holiday events list is published by LAtourist.com, LLC.
  • The Holiday events list home page is at: https://LAtourist.com/Holidays
  • The Holiday List Terms of Service was published November 6, 2016

Holiday List Terms of Service

  1. This list is provided solely as an index of websites that announce or advertise holiday events that can be found in and near Los Angeles, California.
  2. Listing descriptions, dates, URLs and other info are obtained from unverified sources such as: event websites; emails from event sponsors; flyers/brochures from trade shows; postcards at record stores in Hollywood (and also funky shops on Melrose Avenue); billboards; posted bulletins; and similar unconfirmed information. Therefore, ATTRACTIONS DESCRIBED IN THIS HOLIDAY LIST HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED OR INVESTIGATED BY THE PUBLISHER.
  3. The information here is true and correct to the best of our knowledge, but there is always the possibility of error. This includes but is not limited to: inaccurate descriptions, incorrect locations; wrong dates/times; misinterpreted suitability for minors; etc. LATOURIST.COM, LLC ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ERRORS, OMISSIONS, INCORRECT INFORMATION OR INACCURATE DESCRIPTIONS. It is the responsibility of the end user to determine the nature, availability and suitability of each event.
  4. These listings should not be considered as suggestions. LATOURIST.COM, LLC DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY EVENT OR ACTIVITY LISTED HERE. The listings are presented as-is, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.
  5. Use common sense while visiting each attraction! Some of the activities are promoted by individuals who might not have professional construction experience, training for emergencies, safety equipment, insurance and other things you would expect from a professionally sponsored event. So it's up to you to assess the suitability and safety of each attraction. If an attraction or event does not seem safe to you, then our advice is to leave the attraction and find another one.
  6. DO NOT DRIVE WHILE READING THIS LIST. Obey all rules of the road while traveling from one attraction to the next.
  7. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!

Please send 2016 Holiday event links to Info@LAtourist.com (include a description, flyer/brochure or other details if possible).

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